Adnan Shahpurwala

  1. Sheikh Khalifa Scholarship (100%): 2017

  2. The Sheikh Khalifa Scholarship is the highest honor an AUS student can achieve. Only one student from each of the four colleges receive this award. From 2500 engineering students, I was chosen as the best in terms of academic excellence, leadership potential, service to community, talent in the field of study, and participation in extracurricular and university activities.

  3. Chancellor’s Scholarship (75%): 2013 – 2017

  4. This scholarship is awarded on a merit and need basis. In Fall 2013, this scholarship was awarded to two students for out of the box work. I was awarded this for developing out of the box electronics projects.

  5. Chancellors List (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

  6. Students must be on the dean’s list for two consecutive semesters of the same academic year i.e., Fall and Spring semesters

  7. Dean’s List

  8. Students need to attain a GPA of 3.5 and above to be placed on the Dean's List every semester

  9. Ericsson’s ICT Professional Foundation Program – Fall 2015

  10. A two-month online course which aims to bridge the gap between academia and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Course modules include: OSS BSS, Network Protocol, IPv6 and IP, Evolved Packet Core and Business & ICT industry fundamentals. Only the top 20 Electrical and Computer engineering students were selected to do this course.

  11. 1st Runners up at EEG Environmental Public Speaking Competition – Fall 2015

  12. This intercollegiate competition has a big reputation as 400 students from gulf countries like Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc participate in it. Our topic was: "From Global to Local: Environmental Regulation & Economic Integration". We had to submit a 20 page report and present for exactly 10 minutes to support our stance. Within our topic's group, we were awarded 1st Runners Up.

  13. Tutored “Deep Learning” Workshop at IIT Kharagpur – Summer 2015

  14. Six weeks into the internship, my advisor, Dr. Debdoot Sheet, organized a workshop where Deep Learning would be explained using the rasmesburgpalm toolbox on MATLAB. Along with the PhD and masters students, he also asked me to be a Teaching Assistant as I had a good grasp over the toolbox and understood common mistakes most beginners make. This was a big honor as being asked to assist in a technical workshop during the first internship itself gave me confidence in my learning ability and technical skills. The institute recognized my effort with a plaque.

  15. Winner of 12th AUS Intercollegiate Debate Competition – Spring 2015

  16. An annual debate competition hosted by AUS where 40 students from 12 universities take part in on an annual basis.Our team got finalized a mere 3 hours before the debate which gave us only 3 hours to prepare for the first round while others got more than 24 hours. Besides being the underdog team, we still managed to claw our way into the finals and win the competition by consensus.








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